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Quakertown Christian School Fine Arts and Enrichment Programs facilitate student exploration and development through music, art, drama, robotics, and more! Through these programs your child is encouraged to discover their God-given gifts, recognize the gifts of others, and work together as they broaden their cultural knowledge. While public schools are cutting arts programs, our private school is celebrating creativity. If you’re searching for a christian school in Bucks county that promotes individuality and expression through the arts, you’ve found it!

Longacre Academic Center

Encouraging Growth, Embracing Excellence

Academic Support and Enrichment For Every Child

It is our passion and calling to equip every child at QCS to excel academically and to encourage their individual strengths. The Longacre Academic Center, a place of encouragement, celebration, and growth, is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students. Academic and social support will be given through:
  • Academic assessments 3 times per year to determine where each child is, pinpoint gifts and gaps, and measure their growth.
  • Individualized learning paths to encourage growth and fill gaps.
  • Adaptive and customized curriculum for each individual learner.
  • Supplemental support in coordination with all teachers within the classroom.
  • Creating and providing access to a circle of support services for physical and emotional needs that includes partnership with local school districts and the IU.

Service and Field Trips

We know that learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom, which is why field trips and service are an essential part of our Enrichment Programs. Our students, age 3 through high school, enjoy meaningful and exciting learning trips that allow them to experience what they’ve been learning at places like Peace Valley Park, The Lehigh Valley Zoo, The Tabernacle Museum in Lancaster, and even Creation Museum in Kentucky! What will you your child discover together on one of our enrichment trips (because ALL parents are welcomed to come too!)

Art Program

QCS Students grades K-12 & Homeschoolers
  • Our study of Art is intended to reflect the ultimate creator who is God. We are created in his image, and when we create we are growing in His likeness. Through art we have the opportunity to create truth and beauty as we individually perceive it, reflecting the truth and beauty that originated with and is maintained by God.
  • Create, explore and experiment with a variety of mediums
  • Receive instruction on the elements and principles of art
  • Evaluate artists and their work so as to enhance our own work

Music Program

QCS Students K-12 & Homeschoolers
  • Appreciate a variety of music (vocal/instrumental)
  • Learn responsibility, dependability, discipline
  • Provides optional instrumental instruction
  • All third graders are given recorder instruction
  • Instrumental lessons grades 4-12
  • Band
  • Choirs (Grades 3-5, Middle School and High School)
  • Tone chimes & Handbells (Middle School and High School)


QCS students grade K - 12 are encouraged to develop stage presence and oral communication skills through acting as a means of expression. Various elementary teachers utilize drama and Drama is a comprehensive part of the Middle School curriculum both as part of Bible in 6th grade and in Drama for 7th and 8th graders. Students have the opportunity to act, improvise, practice public speaking for the Mennonite Speech Meet and learn about set construction, costumes, lighting, and backstage direction. Students learn to develop their acting skills and use their creativity in this process. The High School also utilizes Drama and presents a public performance. Drama is a ministry for the school and helps the student to not only develop pubic speaking, responsibility, and teamwork, but also to use Christian drama as a means to evangelism.

Physical Education & Athletics

The Quakertown Christian School Physical Education and Athletic Departments seek to develop the God-given abilities of each student in preparation for successful team experiences. This educational arena will be used "to develop the spiritual part of the athlete so that the Holy Spirit is in control, directing mind and body." (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

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The QCS Library has many titles including reference books, fiction books, nonfiction books, books on tape or CD, videos, DVDs, and magazines. The library has an on-line program for circulation, an available on-line catalog and Web Express service that allows students instant access to thousands of relevant, safe, grade-appropriate internet sites. Kindergarten through fifth grade have weekly classes and Middle school students visit regularly as part of their Literature classes. All grades use the library for research projects and reports.

Clubs and Enrichment Groups

In Middle and High School students are encouraged to participate in clubs weekly to discover their interests and gifts and to work together to bless the community. Clubs meet during and after school and can include competitions. Your child could participate in the following clubs:

Student Council

Robotics Club

Home Economics Club

Intramural Sports

Drama Club

Chess Club

Book Club

Service Experiences

We have a unique privilege and calling to raise up the next generation of servants who use their gifts, knowledge, and wisdom to bless and help others. That’s why learning to serve others and give of your time and heart is one of our core values and is taught at every level through real life exposure and experiences.

Each QCS student learns to collaborate together in service in various ways including:

School-based services like weeding, building, and working with the facilities staff

Missions Trips to local and international locations

Community Projects such as clothing drives, Christmas projects, and volunteer experiences at local businesses

In-Class projects like knitting baby materials and decorating cards for prison inmates that benefit the community and beyond

Child Sponsorship through World Vision

Nancy Deputy
Learning Support and STEAM

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Tom Greco

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Caleb Kiefer
Facilities & P.E.

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Malinda Singleton

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Educating, Equipping, Excelling
August 11, 6-8 pm
QCS is excited to announce the introduction of QCS High School beginning this September.
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Main Campus & Preschool October 14 Preschool October 15
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